ADRA – Adventist Development and Relief Agency is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church founded in Kosovo in 2005. It is member of the international ADRA network. We deliver relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 120 countries—regardless of their ethnicity, political affiliation, gender, or religious association ( By partnering with local communities, organizations, and governments, we are able to deliver culturally relevant programs and build local capability for sustainable change.

With the goal of successfully implementing a project ADRA EDUCATIONAL CENTER we are publishing for a position: 

Project Coordinator 

1 coordinator, implementing project activities in Kosovo; full time

Basic information about the project: 


The ADRA Educational Center will be established in the existing premises of ADRA in Pristina. It will is dedicated to supporting early childhood learning and formal education for children aged 3 to 7 coming from vulnerable groups from the community, who do not have access to similar content. It aims to prepare them for school experience, enhance their quality of life and mitigate the risk of future poverty by equipping them with fundamental skills and knowledge. Through this initiative, children are empowered to navigate educational challenges and life experiences more effectively, fostering a culture of successful learning and productivity within society.

Key Features:

  1. Preparation for school activities: in line with the school program, in cooperation with the schol staff and families, these activities are developed, run regularly and adapted according to changing needs.
  2. Enriching Activities: The center offers a variety of enriching activities including Arts School, Montessori Space, Creative Workshop, Children’s Music Classes, and Language School. 

These activities foster holistic development by promoting creativity, critical thinking, and cultural appreciation among children.

  1. Comprehensive Approach: By integrating various activities into its educational framework, the center ensures a well-rounded approach to early childhood education. This approach prepares children to thrive in a the local community but also in a globalized world by instilling essential skills and knowledge from a young age.

Strengthening of families:

The project extends its reach to mothers and children from vulnerable groups, providing support in various areas such as:

  • Arts School: Offering music education, instrument lessons, painting, drawing, and additional learning support.
  • Montessori Space: Providing opportunities for children to explore independence, autonomy, and learning through play.
  • Creative Workshop: Focused on developing creative skills, aesthetics, and concentration through artistic activities.
  • Children’s Music Classes: Developing musicality, concentration, and mathematical reasoning through instrument play and sound exploration.
  • Language School: Offering Croatian, English, and Spanish language classes.

Community Impact:

For parents lacking support networks, the ADRA Educational Center serves as a valuable educational option. It assists with day-to-day tasks and provides a safe space for children’s development, thereby positively impacting the community at large.

Initial Enrollment: The project will initially enroll 25 children, and up to 15 parents.

Position descrpition of the Project Coordinator role

What follows are the key responsibilities of this position: 

  • Develop the project implementation plan. Based on the approved project documentation, she/he will create a detailed implementation plan. 
  • Organize and oversee the first component of the project: refurbishment and adaptation of the Community Center of ADRA for educational activities. This step will entail procurement of service contractor for works of refurbishment and adaptation as well as procurement of goods. 
  • Organize and oversee the second component of the project: informal education activities. This will require a) mapping of beneficiaries, b) establishment of cooperation with public schools and other stakeholders, and with parents of children, c) recruitment of staff and volunteers, their orientation and support; d) organizing their work and monitoring and evaluation to measure impact and suggest improvements.
  • Participation in PR and reporting activities

Organization of the work, line of responsibility and cooperation

  • Responsible to the Board of ADRA Kosovo and the director of ADRA Kosovo. 
  • Directly works with the financial focal point/officer and programs staff in organizing the project activities, monitoring the implementation process, communicating with the donor and all the other stakeholders. 

Education and experience:

  • University degree, preferrably in education or project management
  • Preferrable informal education in the areas of education, social inclusion, support to vulnerable groups, including Roma.
  • Understanding the present condition of preschool and school education system in Kosovo
  • Experience in project cycle management including adminstrative tasks related to it (communication, collection of data, synthetizing it, communicating with different groups of stakeholders, etc)
  • Experience in working with representatives of multiple sectors: citizens/communities, public authorities (especially schools), civil society organizations
  • English level – advanced or upper intermediate levels
  • Preferrable: Active driver (B category)

Attitude, key skills and qualities:

  • High motivation. It is very important that this person has genuine and high motivation for supporting vulnerable groups
  • Developed sense for ethics, humannes, cultural sensitivity and acceptance of differences
  • Communication skills. Being able to establish positive cooperation with all stakeholders (families of children involved in the project, school administration, donor, others)
  • Committed
  • Reliabile
  • Team work orientation with appropriate proactivity and taking of initiative
  • Mediculousness in performing duties
  • Good organizational skills – precision, punctuality, reliablity; setting of challening goals and keeping up with them; dilligence in performing tasks and overcoming obstacles
  • Readiness to learn
  • Sufficient IT knowledge (Microsoft Package)
  • Tolerance for stress, 
  • Flexibility and adaptability.

CV, Motivational Letter and preferrably – 3 referrences (letters of recommendation or contact details of 3 persons for reference relevant for this position) to be sent to:  latest by 25.04.2024.